VigRX Plus story

vigrxplus_review-2017And if that was not enough information for you to make a qualified decision, here is a letter a friend of mine wrote to the makers of Extagen to tell them how much he appreciated their product. He told me they have not posted it to their web site and he wants people to know about his success so he told me I could post it. He goes into a lot of detail about competing penis enlargement pills like Enzyte, Longitude, Size Max (sizemax), Extenze, Magna RX, Vig RX

Please read his story below:

Dear Extagen,

First of all I just wanted to tell you how much I am happy with the results from your product. The Extagenhas worked exactly as I read and hoped it would. My penis has increased in both size and width and my lady friend is just as pleased as I am. I am not some swinging single but I always wanted to show my lady friend that I could please her. Although she always told me stuff like “It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean” and other stuff, I knew she wasn’t as pleased as she wanted to be. With my increased penis size by taking Extagen I am able to more than satisfy her need for a large man.

I am also so happy that your product uses safe and natural ingredients unlike many of the competitors out there. Believe me I tried the Longitude Capsules, the Enzyte, Extenze and even a couple of times and they did little if nothing for me even after following their instructions to the letter. Some of the companies were cool to me and allowed me to return my product, others were not so cool and I got no money back. But that did not keep me from looking for an effective penis enlargement product, I am so happy i found Extagen.

I knew a couple of guys that took Magna RX, and Vig RX and they told me they had little success with those products as well. I said “Hey man you should take the Extagen like I am taking”. I am not even sure if the Magna RX and Vig RX pills have a guarantee. I know has no guarantee and the Longitude guarantee is pretty worthless. Regarding longitude I found out from a bud that the site has been shut down. I guess Longitude was not giving people back their money and now Longitude is no longer selling Longitude. I am sure they will listen to me, I mean thats what buds are for right?

You guys may not have the huge advertising budget that companies like Enzyte have but your product works better, that is weird. Those Enzyte commercials are pretty funny, but people will soon find out that Enzyte doesn’t work all that great and it is expensive with no guarantee. I hope more men find out about your company. I know I will be telling my closest buds as this is somehting you dont want to go around telling everyone you take!

Anyway I know I rambled on for a while but I just wanted to let people know my story, so there it is. Take care.”


PS: If you like reading testimonials, here are a few one right off of the Extagen web site!

I was not sure about this stuff at first. The first two months I really didn’t see that much of a gain. However, around the middle of the third month it was like an explosion! I gained just under 4 inches in length (for an over-all total of 9 1/2 inches!) and doubled my thickness! I got so big to the point that my wife said she was having second thoughts about this newfound growth, because she wasn’t sure if it would fit! I’m more than satisfied with my results!

C.M. – Florida

I am very satisfied with the results I have seen. My length has increased over an inch and a half so far and I still have one more bottle to go. I was kind of worried in the beginning but after three weeks or so all that was put to rest. It makes me wonder how big I can actually get considering I’m basically eight inches right now, let see if we can push for nine!

P.C. – California

Although I was skeptical at first toward the claims your company made, I was happily surprised within two weeks as to the thickness and length I gained. As I continued to take your product I couldn’t believe I kept on gaining size and thickness. I tried Longitude tablets in the past and in comparison I must say I am far more pleased with the results I gained from your product. I thank you and my wife thanks me. Nightly.

D.J. – Georgia

Your supplement has added 1.5 inches to the length of my erection. My lover is giddy now when she plays with it, which I like too. She says great things about it when we’re making love and about me as a lover. The pleasure and confidence I have in this part of my life now easily make the cost worthwhile.Please don’t sell my name or e-mail to any person or business concern. Thanks Again.

S.O. – California