ProExtender review and test 2017

One of the most sensitive subjects that has immense importance for a man’s ego remains to be the size of his penis. Sexuality in our world today can never be overstated. Men will therefore go to great lengths to boost their sexuality, from products such as Viagra and Levitra to boost male sexuality to penis surgery to enlarge the size of their penis. The proextender, a device developed by Jorn E. Siana, a medical doctor who specializes in penis enlargement, therefore comes as a welcome relief for most of these men. The first prototype was developed in 1994 and numerous clinical studies followed with the support of the medical community.

What is a ProExtender device?

A proextender is a device designed to provide gentle traction to the penis. It is attached to the penis and gently stretches it through time and the reaction to this increased longitudinal force is the multiplication of tissue cells hence making it longer. The proextender has fully adjustable traction bars and as a result can accommodate a variety of penis sizes and makes it friendly to all men. The device is made of sturdy yet lightweight materials and is adjustable with a cushion padding that helps with any discomfort.

The proextender poses no harm to users when used according to instruction and is painless. It can be worn for hours in a day without a problem. The amount of force that one can use is adjustable, between 300g and 1200g. It remains the best alternative to penis surgery and it has been proven effective in curing Peyronie’s disease, which is the clinical term for a curved penis. The proextender has been proven to be the top of the line product with products from the most trusted male enhancement supplement providers. The users of the device can hence be assured of its very good quality.

The proextender is recommended by physicians all over and is used in countries such as Belgium, Brazil, USA, United Kingdoms, Mexico, just to name but a few.

The benefits of the proextender are numerous and include an added length and girth to the penis, permanent increase in size, improved erections as well as improved penile health. It also helps in straightening curved penises and results in more sexual satisfaction. It has no pain or discomfort and it is safe and non-evasive. And on top of it all, men testify that it works!