Penis Extender (Male Edge) Before And After Results

maleedge-review 2017Penis extenders are devices that help increase the size of the penis. Before settling for one, the user has to choose one that will meet his needs. The penis extenders are stretchy and have been proven to be effective length enhancers. They have different features but all work towards the main goal- enlarging the penis. There are some considerations to note before the item’s acquisition and this include manufacturer’s instructions, money-back guarantee, adjustments and the way the extender is attached. Penis Extenders usually work better than the surgical option. A recent study concluded that the best remedy for penis enlargement is with the penis extender.

How Male Edge works

After 6 months of using the extender, the increase will out rightly be evident. The user has to fill in details in a sheet of paper frequently to track the progress. It should be updated consistently so that other people using the same device can follow your path and apply the same. Just wearing the extender for some hours in a day is a guarantee for a fuller, thicker and longer penis. Get motivated and earn yourself one today to drive away the low self esteem engulfing your once happy world.

Before and after testimonials from Male Edge users

There is no other better option to achieving a larger penis than using the Male Edge extender. A lot of men have given testimonials of how it has changed their sex lives completely. One of the benefactors decided to use the device after seeing some before and after photos that had been sent and was completely convinced to give a try. It worked for him too! After 6 months, he felt his penis larger and burly. This therefore means that the bedroom affair is about to get steamy and satisfying. It even makes you fit in and behave like all men do.

Those convinced by the after photos to try this method have no reason to regret their choice. The data that the previous users keep are used by the manufacturers to update their products for more effectiveness. Besides, there is money-back guarantee which allows for your money refunds if you are not satisfied with the results. All in all, your penis will have taken on a remarkable size and the before and after photos are there to signify the tremendous change penis extenders can do to a relatively small penis. The after photos are eye openers that nothing is impossible in this universe.

From the testimonial, we can conclude that the before and after pictures portray a huge difference. This is a clear indication that the extender is fully certified to carry out its desired purpose. This regards the length as well as the breadth. The product is safe to use and has no negative effects accompanying it. This is the perfect recommendation for your friends since they are actually working and the results they bring out are accurate and promising. Several users who have used this method prefer this to less effective penis enlargement pills that might lead to negative changes to the man’s genital organ.

In conclusion

Why look for an expensive method to increase your penis length when you have the best device right at your doorstep. Save money and get help in the right outlet other than using overpriced medicine that might not show the changes you want.

Vigrx Oil Does It Work – Let’s Find Out

VigRX-Oil-review 2017You know that when it comes to investigating a new product that you’ll have an army of questions ready to fire away with.

  • How does it work?
  • Vigrx oil does it work?
  • How does it compare to other products?

Below we have complied a Q&A session of some of the most frequently asked questions.

Does Vigrx Oil Work?

The answer is yes in the large majority of cases it does work. There are a very small number of people it doesn’t work on because they have severe medical problems. In other cases way too much alcohol or abusing substances can negate the full of effects of the oil.

Other than this low percentage of customers the product is guaranteed to work on people with erectile problems and those who just want an extra boost.

Can You Compare Vigrx Oil With Other Products?

Of course there are many other products that can be compared with Vigrx oil. Each and every successful product has its own advantages and reasons for being chosen. Many people keep enquiring if this oil really works and each and every time they get the same answer, yes.

However, there are products out there that simply don’t work. The main advantage this oil has is that it directly interacts with your skin on your sexual organ. As soon as it is applied the results are immediate. The oil sinks into your skin and allows an increased flow of blood inside its walls creating a hard and bulging erection.

Even if you have erectile problems it still works. You may just be back to the same fully functioning erection you had before you problems started. Either way it does exactly what it is supposed to do without having to take a pill and wait for the effects.

Can I Use Vigrx Oil With A Condom?

This is fine as the oil is a water based substance that is completely natural. You can apply the gel and soon enough you’ll be rolling on a condom more easily than you have done. The extra hardness actually makes it so much easier to put on a condom.

Can I Still Receive Oral Sex?

A great question and the answer is YES! There are no synthetic chemicals or artificial extras. The oil is completely safe because it has been made from natural ingredients.

How Do I Use It?

Just massage the oil all over you penis and you’ll start to feel a warm sensation. The best thing to do in fact is try masturbating with your first few tries. You’ll experience better blood flow so a more intense and larger erection.

With this you’ll get a good idea of how much you think you need to get the most optimal erection and performances.

Final Thoughts

If you have any open cuts or sores you should wait for them to clear up before using the oil. This is mainly for yours and others protection.

Ultimately, the main question is does this product work. Hopefully after reading this review, you’ll see that Vigrx oil works in many situations.

You’ll experience natural sex with or without a condom, and oral sex if the occasion happens to lead you in that direction.


X4 Labs Penis Extender Review


So folks! Why does anyone has to use an extender in order to enlarge penis size? Yeah, of course there are many natural ways to make it but then it is not necessary that you succeed with natural remedies. Or are you worried because penis extenders might just break your pocket lose? Well, I have got a very economical friendly solution for you if you are unable to have a zesty sex life with your partner due to penile erection dysfunction which can be due to myriad of causes you are not well-aware of.


Penis extenders from X4 labs are not just accessible at a modest price yet they have many other flabbergasting features. It has been clinically and medically proven on how effectual and constructive they are.

How do they work?

They work through a principle which pretty much understandable. It is an application of low levels of tension on the penile shaft which is around 1.2 to 2.5 kg. It is a physiological process which allows stimulation of permanent penile growth mainly by two functions:

  • · Reclining of penile ligaments
  • · Hyperplasia (cell multiplication)

With X4 labs penis extenders they promise to deliver a high quality comfort as it is not negotiable. They have been tailored with Memory Foam Padding which gives you a salubrious enlargement experience. As a Medical Professional, they understand that not all penis have same size. Therefore, X4 extenders come with a wide circumference base and Miniature support which offers you varied options.

What are the causes of penile erectile dysfunction?

  • · It can be a psychological cause such as anxiety, stress or mental depression. One should understand its importance and try avoiding stress as it can affect your sex life.
  • · It can be a physiological cause such as hormonal imbalance, prostate cancer, stiffening of skin, smoking, diabetes etc. Every individual must consult with a doctor every six months in order to rule out these causes and have a healthy sex life.
  • · It can be either surgical or a traumatic cause like Peyronie’s disease.

If anyone of you happen to encounter with any of these causes, you should immediately consult with a doctor and ask them to prescribe an extender which is quite recommendable by many Medical Professionals.

X4 labs extender is the most trusted and reputable brand for penile enlargement. I would highly vouch for this product as it has so many amazing characteristics and peculiarities which offers you a wide range of options.

A healthy sex life offers any individual with oodles of benefits like boosting your immune system as they provide your body a defense mechanism, reducing the risk of prostate cancer, augmenting your sex drive, your blood pressure is under control and the list goes on.

In order to enjoy these perks you should be able to banish the root cause of erectile dysfunction using X4 lab extenders as they offer you an Expert service which is available on their website. These extenders come with a warranty as well as X4 labs strive to furnish their customers with the better and the best.

Hurry up and grab your edition at the earliest possible!


Happy love-making! 🙂

What kinds of benefits can you expect form MaleExtra?

male-extra-review-2017It is not a secret that more and more is being expected from men in the bedroom. This may not be such a bad thing, but it does put pressure on men who think that they have to perform like pornstars in order to be able to satisfy their partners. And the reality is such that for an average guy, this is not the easiest of tasks. Luckily, there is now a product on which you can rely to provide you with that extra boost which will allow you to perform on par with porn stars – MaleExtra. It is by far the most powerful male performance booster on the market and we will be talking about its amazing beneficial effects here.

It is important to remember that the benefits that you can expect form MaleExtra all stem from the different ingredients that you are going to find in the formula. These ingredients have been meticulously chosen and combined with such precision that you get the most out of them. Also, MaleExtra packs by far the most punch in a single serving, with more active ingredients in a single pill than any other product.

Once you take your first dose of, you can expect to feel excessive amounts of blood rushing into your penis. This is a result of certain ingredients which dilate the blood vessels in the genital region and improve the blood flow into your sexual organ. This means that on the first use or on the first few, you can expect to experience erections that are significantly harder and thicker. Also, you will notice that they are longer-lasting as the blood is constantly rushing into the penis, allowing you to keep an erection for as long as you wish.

Other men who has tried MaleExtra

After a while, you will also notice that you are thinking about sex more than ever and that you are craving sex far more often than you have in your life. This is due to some potent natural aphrodisiacs that have also found their way into the MaleExtra formula and that provide you with such a boost in libido that you will feel like a guy in his teens once again. Your partner will have troubles keeping up with you, but once she feels what she can get from this new you, she will be more than up to it.

In addition to the aforementioned, MaleExtra also increases your stamina and allows you to perform for hours on end. You will be able to give your maximum every time and you will never feel winded in the middle of your sex session ever again. Furthermore, MaleExtra will give you better control over your orgasms, so that you never have to apologize for reaching an orgasm too soon. Men who have problems with premature ejaculation should find this particularly interesting.

Another benefit of MaleExtra that you will notice is that it increases the amount of ejaculate that you produce and that you expel during your orgasms. This will result in orgasms that are far more pleasurable for you, but it will also have a significant effect on how your partner sees you as the amount of ejaculate is subconsciously associated with virility and masculinity.

One of the best things about MaleExtra is that these benefits are all interconnected and they work in a beneficial cycle if you want to call it that. Namely, as your erections get stronger, so does your wish for sexual activities. As your orgasms get stronger, you want more sex. As you want more sex, your partner is more in the mood as well and this all results in some other benefits. Furthermore, the longer you keep using MaleExtra, the better the results get. In a few months, you could be performing on a level that you once thought impossible and it is all done perfectly naturally which is even better.


Vimax pill review 2017



Vimax is a medication that is designed for men. It is made such that it promotes the sex lives of men all around the world. This medication is available in the form of a pill. Produced in Canada, it is marketed and distributed by a company known as OA Internet Services Ltd. The medication is taken by men seeking to increase the size and girth of their penises. It works by increasing the blood flow to the organ. The ingredients of the medication increase a man’s stamina and drive. The medication achieves this by increasing the amounts of testosterone hormone in the body. Moreover, the herbal ingredients in the medication increase the capacity of blood flow to the man’s groin thus promoting growth and stamina.


The medication is very popular around the world. This is because it works perfectly. Many men who have used this medication confess that they were able to see the effects of the medication a month after beginning usage. Moreover, the medication is made using only natural herbal ingredients. These ingredients include Balsam, Damiana leaf, Cayenne fruits and oats. Moreover, the pill contains extracts from Panax Ginseng, Avena sativa and cellulise. When combined, these ingredients work together to make a potent Vimax pill. The Vimax medication should be taken on the basis of one pill a day. This medication is available in packages of one month’s supply. This costs $30 to $40. However, customers are encouraged to purchase in bulk so as to enjoy price discounts.


When one begins to take Vimax, they can witness an increase in the size and girth of their penis. The length can increase by between 3 and 4 inches. The girth or thickness can also increase by up to 25%. This results in better performance and drive as well.

Final Verdict

Vimax is the perfect pill for any man seeking to improve their performance and health. The results of using this medication are permanent. In addition to that, there are no side effects at all. Therefore, Vimax is the right pill for any man seeking to increase his size and prowess.

Why You should use SizeGenetic Penis Enlarger

SizeGenetic is made with high quality materials to enhance comfort. This extender has a 58 way comfort strap which means that you can wear it in 16 different ways. It can also be worn for longer periods when compared to other extenders which are uncomfortable and result in penis soreness. Furthermore, the device comes with spare parts to replace any damaged or worn out part.

Using this extender is very easy and any one with difficulty using it can watch the free instructional DVD which comes with every purchase. Being a company that has been around for nineteen years, SizeGenetic is reliable and reputable. Men who have used the product have given the device 100% positive reviews.

If you are serious about extending your penis and enhancing your sex life, you should order the SizeGenetic penis extender and not go for pretender extenders which will waste your money and make you uncomfortable

Even though getting the best penis extender in the market is not cheap as a single device cost $199.95, you can get bonuses and discounts . In addition, you will be provided with free shipping to any part of the world

ProExtender review and test 2017

One of the most sensitive subjects that has immense importance for a man’s ego remains to be the size of his penis. Sexuality in our world today can never be overstated. Men will therefore go to great lengths to boost their sexuality, from products such as Viagra and Levitra to boost male sexuality to penis surgery to enlarge the size of their penis. The proextender, a device developed by Jorn E. Siana, a medical doctor who specializes in penis enlargement, therefore comes as a welcome relief for most of these men. The first prototype was developed in 1994 and numerous clinical studies followed with the support of the medical community.

What is a ProExtender device?

A proextender is a device designed to provide gentle traction to the penis. It is attached to the penis and gently stretches it through time and the reaction to this increased longitudinal force is the multiplication of tissue cells hence making it longer. The proextender has fully adjustable traction bars and as a result can accommodate a variety of penis sizes and makes it friendly to all men. The device is made of sturdy yet lightweight materials and is adjustable with a cushion padding that helps with any discomfort.

The proextender poses no harm to users when used according to instruction and is painless. It can be worn for hours in a day without a problem. The amount of force that one can use is adjustable, between 300g and 1200g. It remains the best alternative to penis surgery and it has been proven effective in curing Peyronie’s disease, which is the clinical term for a curved penis. The proextender has been proven to be the top of the line product with products from the most trusted male enhancement supplement providers. The users of the device can hence be assured of its very good quality.

The proextender is recommended by physicians all over and is used in countries such as Belgium, Brazil, USA, United Kingdoms, Mexico, just to name but a few.

The benefits of the proextender are numerous and include an added length and girth to the penis, permanent increase in size, improved erections as well as improved penile health. It also helps in straightening curved penises and results in more sexual satisfaction. It has no pain or discomfort and it is safe and non-evasive. And on top of it all, men testify that it works!